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Scot Tanner
Paul Moore

High in the Appalachian Mountains and under a full moon, a timeless evil rises. An awakened predator whose savagery and ferocity are matched only by its insatiable appetite. Consumed by its legendary bloodlust, the creature begins the hunt for its oldest and most dangerous prey: Man.

Special Agent Jack Driscoll has seen this before. The beast is his obsession and his nightmare. Now, he and his new partner must race against the rising moon to save a group of unsuspecting campers.

Outmatched and unarmed, the frightened group must rally themselves to survive the night. As their numbers dwindle and their strength wanes, the group scrambles to answer the only question that will save their lives; how do you kill the unkillable?

Images from The Feeding

Exclusive Behind the Scenes from The Feeding

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This is an early trailer for The Feeding as evidenced by the "Coming Soon Spring 2005" tagline at the end. Though it employs temporary sound effects and some of the shots have not received full color correction, we would like to make it available for comparison to the final film.

We hope it gives insight for other independent filmmakers, as well as, offering a sneak peek of the film.

Note: Trailer requires Quicktime 7.0 or greater to play
Behind the Scenes with StormCatcher Films...
Here are a couple Behind-The-Scenes video montages from The Feeding.. We would also like to say to everyone on who worked on the film… We really appreciate all of your dedication, commitment and hard work. We could not do it without you.

(An inside glimpse into the highs and lows of independent filmmaking.)


Provided below are some of the technical facts about the current releases from Stormcatcher Films, LLC. These details are provided in the interest of fostering development within the independent film community, as well as, a diversion for the casually curious. If anyone has any further questions about the technology used in any of our productions, please feel free to email us using the information on the Contact Us page. .

Format Super 16
Camera Aaton XTR Prod
Film Stock Vision Series 2 500T
Vision Series 2 200T
Lenses Canon 8-64 (T2.4) Zeiss Super Speed (T1.3) 18mm, 25mm, 50mm
Support Arri Head 2
Fischer 10
Dolly Gildecam V-20
Sound Recorder Fostex PD-4 DAT
Mixer Sound Devices 442
Mics Lectrosonics Series 100, Sennheiser G2 Sanken CS-3e, Sennheiser MKH416, Schoeps CMC6/MK41 Sanken COS-11, Countryman EMW, Countryman B6
Editing Avid DV Express Pro
Color Correction Davinci Spirit 2K
Masters HiDef 1080p D5
Locations Bedford, VA Natural Bridge, VA Elk River Falls, NC

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